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Exercise tips at home

Exercise tips at home

What does your home gym look like? Do you have machines, free weights or functional fitness paraphernalia? It doesn’t matter how you work out, there are dangers associated with every type of equipment – even body weight movements have risks. Don’t worry, though! Here’s a quick overview of things to keep in mind while you are getting a sweat up.

exercise tips at home1. Don’t go for PBs unassisted

Everyone loves the feeling of nailing that heavier weight, right? Not so great is the feeling of being trapped under a loaded bar or having to dangerously bail out of a lift gone wrong. The risk of serious injury is very real, and this can be even worse if you’re alone. It’s okay, though – it’s very easy to avoid this danger, simply by attempting personal bests (and really just doing any heavy lifting) at the gym (ideally with a spotter). When you’re at home, focus on technique and conditioning with lighter weights and higher reps.


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